Recent Cases

Since 2006, St. Louis personal injury lawyer Anthony Pepe has helped clients collect nearly $2 million dollars in damages for injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of others. Here are some of his favorite success stories:

$800,000 settlement reached in auto accident
A complicated case with both extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation periods.

$125,000 policy limits settlement obtained in auto accident in Jefferson County against two defendants
Client freely admitted to being intoxicated, even passed out in the moments before impact.

$120,000 settlement in auto accident in St. Louis City
Client had only $6,000 in medical bills. Albeit a rarity, a client does not necessarily have to have a lot of medical bills in order to procure a very large settlement.

$100,000 settlement reached in premise liability case in Jefferson County
Client was nearly killed when her boyfriend’s horse bucked her off and stepped on her pelvis.

$72,500 settlement reached in auto accident in St. Louis County
Victim was not operated on for her injuries and did not believe her case had any value when she initially met with me.

Why is this on here, you ask? Because the client had been in an accident nearly five years ago and was turned down by nearly every personal injury lawyer in the St. Louis area - but not by me. Settlement reached in auto case in Ste. Genevieve County.

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